EDF Power Networks Lab offers

A complete offer of high added value tests around the electrical system.

Qualification & certification

Closely linked to the final customer, EDF Power Networks Lab supports manufacturers throughout their qualification and certification processes.

Innovation support

Support in the development of innovative equipment and in ensuring their operational integration


Validating and integrating smart solutions

Concept Grid is a unique testing facility to experiment innovative solutions in a real power system.

Controlling the supply of critical assets

For an industrial facilities or systems operator, issues of availability, security and safety of operation of certain critical equipment may far exceed contractual obligations. 

Management and optimisation of assets

EDF Power Networks Lab helps optimise the asset maintenance and renewal on the basis of targeted tests

Investigation and field operation feedback

From the operator’s feedback and further investigations on site or in our testing facilities, we reproduce the phenomenon in the laboratory, as seen in the field.

Environmental tests

A wide range of environmental testing facilities to serve innovative equipment developers

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