Environmental tests

A wide range of environmental testing facilities to serve innovative equipment developers

EDF Power Networks Lab offers environmental (climatic, lightning, EMC) constraints tests with one of the largest climatic testing rooms in Europe and its different EMC rooms.

We also offer extensive and customized tests for exposure to pollution or to severe climatic environments, in the field environment or testing rooms. We also perform electrical constraints: lightning impulse or current flow.

These tests often meet requirements for specific vehicles (construction industry, military) or more recently for electric vehicles. There also may be regulatory requirements for EMC immunity or emission.

Our testing facilities can reproduce extreme weather attacks

EDF Power Networks Lab can propose climatic testing with one of the largest climatic testing chambers in Europe.
We also offer exposure to pollution or severe climatic conditions extensive testing which are also "custom-made“, they are realized in the field or in a test chamber. Lightning strikes controlled testing can be conducted as well.

Examples of achievement:

• Proper functioning testing under extreme climatic constraints for military equipment or public works: proper functioning in extreme temperatures, under ice, after positive and negative thermal shocks, exposure under sunlight or humid atmosphere (90 to 95%)
• Electrical vehicles testing in extreme temperature conditions regarding safety and the proper functioning of batteries.