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Climax, Episode 4, Less CO₂, more jokes.

To document his new climate-themed show, Certe meets Véronique Uberio, who works in EDF's Strategy Department.

Discover the podcast [in French]

Climax, the podcast from Certe Mathurin, the climate humorist

Young comedian Certe Mathurin has decided to tackle a seemingly perilous universal subject: the climate. But can we really laugh about it? To find out, Certe sets out to meet experts to enrich his show.

Discover Climax, a 7-episode podcast [in French]

Our history, our expertise and our values have forged our conviction that climate change does not mean the end of human progress; that electricity is a realistic ans enabling solution to leaving fossil fuels behind and avancing into a zero-carbon future.
Because, once we learn to generate electricity without releasing carbon, it has the power to decarbonise our homes, out transport, our industry, our agriculture, and our towns and cities.

To build a net zero energy future with electricity and innovative solutions and services,
to help save the planet and drive welbeing and economic development.

That's our purpose.

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