Qualification certification

Closely linked to the final customer, EDF Power Networks Lab supports manufacturers throughout their qualification and certification processes

With an extensive experience in qualification tests, our testing teams are well aware of the standard requirements and specifications of operators, and in particular those of the EDF Group.

Throughout the tests, the EDF Networks Lab teams support you by responding flexibly to your specific needs and dealing with your problems. We can also act as an independent observer within manufacturers’ laboratories.

The laboratory is accredited according to the ISO/CEI 17025 (COFRAC) standard, over a large part of its activities with a degree of flexibility that allows incorporating new reference frameworks in its scope of accreditation. The laboratory is also a member of ASEFA

(International Certification Body).

Qualification of equipment under accreditation or certification

Whether it concerns cable systems, equipment such as circuit breakers and switchers or measurement transformers, the laboratory has testing facilities, logistics means and accessories which enable it to answer to specific requirements of French and European managers.

The laboratory is accredited to produce test certificates in its own name. It can also conduct testing under the certification of an independant organization following the ISO 450011 scheme. As such, the laboratory is accredited by ASEFA, a French certification organization.

Reference examples:

• Qualification under equipment certification for the 320 kV DC connections between France and Spain and between France and Italy.
• Qualifying campaigns of measurement transformers from 63 kV to 420 kV of cable systems and accessories from 90 kV to 420 kV with type tests and thermomechanical tests.

Observation of independent tests

Our teams can provide observation services in other laboratories.

EDF Power Networks Lab’s observers are the testing experts of the laboratory: an independent observation is guaranteed to the final customer.

They also provide technical intelligence based on their experience ensuring a relevant assessment of the results like conditions and constraints specified for testing.


Example of achievement:

Observation of testing in manufacturers or commercial laboratories as part of the substation equipment or cables qualification for a grid manager.