Validating and integrating smart solutions

Concept Grid is a unique testing facility to experiment innovative solutions in a real power system


Concept Grid offers the possibility to undertake complex test campaigns on request.

It enables to test “smart” solutions from the primary substation to the meter and end-customer whenever integration to a real network is a key element of validation.

Concept Grid is a truly “smart” power system: halfway between laboratory unit tests and field demonstrators, it enables to reproduce complete test sequences which are impossible to carry out on real network.

The interaction of residential or tertiary facilities with the system, charging point for electric vehicles, integration of renewable energies into the network, storage devices, metering and smart communication systems, robustness of protocols, anything related to “smart” power systems can be tested on Concept Grid in order to accelerate the development of innovative solutions and to ensure their full integration into the real system.

          Correct functionality testing of 'smart' equipment integrated to an electrical system in normal operating situations and incidental ones

Concept grid is the perfect testing facility for testing "smart“ equipment integrated into the system and to confirm their proper functioning in all operating situations. Indeed it is possible to integrate electrical and telecom equipment anywhere on the grid, from the source substation to the downstream of the meter.
As part of our collaborative project VENTEEA, we were able to test various equipment: load detectors, HVA/LV processors with on-load tap changers or recloser circuit breakers in grid.

Study of solutions that ensure the flexibility of electrical system

The balance between supply and demand is a key input for the stability of the power system. Concept Grid enables our customers to validate innovative solutions to ensure this balance, taking into account the decentralized energies (windmills, PV) and the equipment located downstream of the meter.

For example, based on  the Linky architecture (meters, concentrators, CPL) we tested the erasing capabilities of domestic equipment such as heat pumps.

Stationary storage test HVA or LT

EDF R&D evaluates the technical constraints and economic opportunity of stationary storage, particularly to participate in primary frequency control.

Concept Grid will thus enable EDF to test and evaluate in the long run 1 MW electrochemical stationary system (Li-ion battery) integrated in an electrical system, reproducing possible future operating conditions in terms of intermittency. It will be possible to study the frequency support of such a system in disturbed conditions.

Testing other storage technologies is under consideration, both at the domestic and grid levels (distribution station, HVA grid ...). Such testing would be impossible to carry on the real grid without impacting the customers.

Interactions between charging stations for electric vehicles and the grid​​​​​​​

The charging stations for electric vehicles are changing the electric landscape by creating new constraints. However, they can represent an interesting flexibility means if the charging calls are properly controlled.

This implies to test use cases and technical compatibility of charging equipment in a real situation, from the terminal to the "smart“ control system .

A test program was also created to reproduce the functioning and the interactions with the grid of 5 charging stations terminals for electric vehicles in a Linky infrastructure. The program is to confirm, in particular, that the Linky PLC communication is not disturbed by the terminal system.

Smart environment interoperability validation

One of the challenges of smart grid solutions is to ensure prior to commissioning, the interoperability of different combined solutions in operational situation in all the use cases on electrical aspects such as telecom.
Concept Grid is able to test the overall proper functioning of a set of equipment by reproducing extreme situations that could not be tested on a real grid without impacting the customer: blackout, black-start, voltage excursions, etc ...

Concept Grid  is in particular equipped with a CEI 61850 monitoring control and therefore enables the realization of interoperability testing under this standard.