An offer covering all network equipments and new devices for future power systems.

EDF Power Networks Lab offers, on a single site, a full range of tests covering all substation and grid equipments, from LV networks to 420 kV. The laboratory is accredited according to the ISO/CEI 17025 (COFRAC) standard on a large part of its activity, and complies with grid operators specifications as well.

With Concept Grid facility, we also test innovative and/or communicating equipment up to LV, the meter and end-customer, including renewable energy generation, electrical mobility, storage systems, …

We develop our offer on off-shore equipment, DC networks and conversion equipment, and are ready to explore new partnerships in these fields.

Cable systems and accessories

EDF Power Networks Lab performs long-lasting pre-qualification tests on buried loop, type tests, thermomechanical tests and extension of pre-qualification tests. The laboratory also has complementary testing facilities such as a resistance measuring bench in alternating and an ageing connections bench. All the endurance, dielectric and power testing facilities are available on our site, so it facilitates logistics and offers flexibility in case of contingencies.

To meet EDF New Energies’ challenges regarding offshore projects, we are open to partnerships for the development and the validation of static and dynamic submarine cable systems.

Example of achievement :

  • Loss measurements in the armor of a submarine cable to calibrate the models and optimize the power that can be transported.

Overhead lines and accessories

EDF Power Networks Lab is able to study the performance of overhead lines and accessories under constraints : temperature-rise, short circuits, power arcing on insulators, ageing and pollution. We have an experimental 230 m long aerial line of 420 kV. Our teams have developped specific know-how for noise measurements on lines or equipment.
Example of achievement :
  • Short Circuit on a double-lined composite conductor to assess the mechanical performance on a 100 m long tested line


Breaking and switching equipment

​EDF Power Networks Lab investigates and qualifies all conventional equipment such as: circuit breaker, disconnector, air-insulated or metal-shielded switchgear ... The laboratory has a wide range of opportunity to test all of these equipments : breaking sequences, temperature-rise, traction, mechanical and climatic cycling...

The laboratory is also working on new direct current breaking technologies and alternatives to SF6 gas, with interest in new partnerships for these priorities.

Examples of achievement :

  • Complete sampling testing campaign on a 72.5 kV pantograph disconnector: climatic endurance, dielectric tests, short-circuit, temperature-rise...
  • Breaking test and climatic endurance investigative tests on a 100 kV circuit breaker sampled from the grid to estimate the remaining operation-life.​

Measurement transformers

EDF Power Networks Lab has testing facilities dedicated to measurement transformers : internal error, precision, temperature-rise, dielectric tests...

Due to future upheaval challenges on the operating networks and power plants, we are interested in partnerships to assess the reliability of the new digital measurement transformers, from measurement to the quality of the telecom signal.

Examples of achievement :

  • Complete qualifying campaign of several measurement transformers, combined type, CT and VCT from 72.5 kV to 420 kV in accordance with IEC standards and final customer specifications.
  • Investigations on the performance of different measurement transformers in a warm environment due to defaults found in operation on a specific equipment.
  • Qualification tests for internal fault of different designs of 225 kV measurement transformers

Power transformers

Our test facilities enable testing medium voltage power transformers up to 420 kV and up to 360 MVA, with lifting means of 2x150 tons. We also carry out various types of investigative or qualification tests on electrical bushings.

Examples of achievement :

  • Qualification of a 225 kV primary, 72 MVA railway traction transformer.
  • Investigation on a 225/90 kV 100 MVA transformer within a lifespan extension study.

« Smart » equipments and devices

Concept Grid enables to test equipments and devices to validate their performance in normal or disturbed operating situation.

This type of testing is especially interesting for innovative equipment connected to the power grid and telecommunication network as it collects in a few days the equivalent of several years of cumulative operating experience.

We can test residential and industrial equipment, communicating grid equipment, power supply for recharging electric vehicles, spread production facilities, storage equipment, metering systems, communication systems...

Other materials

Large sized devices, military equipment, vehicules...

Electrical equipment tests

This video introduce EDF Power Networks Lab's electrical equipment testing offer through several examples of achievements in our different test facilities. The EDF Power Networks Lab Renardières teams support customers throughout the tests in order to meet their needs and specifications.

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