Inventing the future of energy

EDF makes innovation a major lever in its strategy, at the service of its customers, its internal transformation and the transition to a low-carbon society.

EDF R&D: global know-how

In 2020, EDF invested €685 million in research and development in three areas of research: energy transition, climate transition, and digital and societal transition.

Our R&D activities

EDF Pulse, an ecosystem of innovation

As there is strength in numbers, EDF gives a major place to open innovation. We are convinced that the energy transition process is a joint effort and we work every day with those who innovate for an electric future.

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Electric mobility, for today and tomorrow

The transport sector is now the main contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. Consequently, carbon-free electricity is the solution of the future to ensure clean modes of transport. With an 87% CO2-free global energy mix, the EDF Group is committed to making carbon-free electricity the fuel of the future.

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Energy transition, EDF is changing with its employee

Digital technology in the company is drastically changing pyramid-shaped hierarchies by bringing employees closer to the decision-making process. It provides an opportunity to imagine the company differently.

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