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Serving nearly 38 million customers worldwide, from households to big industry to communities, we strive to reinvent ourselves continuously to meet their expectations.

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Our energy efficiency services

Convinced that the best kWh is the one that is not used, EDF offers its residential customers a range of solutions to save on energy: advice, consumption monitoring, renovation work, etc. Find out about these solutions on our dedicated space!

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EDF energy efficiency services
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A partner of your energy performance

As energy performance is now at the heart of the economic challenges faced by companies, EDF is developing competitive energy solutions that are adapted to the specific and long-term needs of companies, both small and large.

Manage your company's energy efficiency
A partner of your energy performance
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Community energy services : build together the communities of tomorrow

Thanks to its regional foothold, comprehensive know-how and public service mission, EDF is the natural partner of communities to jointly build innovative and custom energy solutions for the cities and regions of the future.

Our solutions for sustainable cities and regions
Energy services for communities of tomorrow

Reducing CO2 emissions for low-carbon buildings

In the face of climate emergency, reducing CO2 emissions is a priority. The building sector is a real lever for reducing the carbon footprint and achieving energy savings.
Heat pumps, heat networks and high-performance insulation are all cost-effective1 and more environmentally-friendly solutions to speed up the development of low-carbon buildings.

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