Producing a climate-friendly energy

Thanks to its energy mix, EDF is driving out CO₂

Our energy mix

To supply clean and affordable electricity to everybody, everywhere and at all times, EDF uses all energy sources: nuclear, water, wind, sun, biomass, etc. This is known as the energy mix.

Nuclear: 76.5%. Combined Cycle Gaz & Cogeneration: 8.4%. Fuel: 1%. Coal: 0.4%. Renewables energies: 13.6% (including hydro power: 9.8%).

As 90 % of its electricity production does not emit any CO2, the EDF Group can rightly claim that it is the champion of low-carbon growth.

In 2020, EDF Group’s specific carbon emissions delivered the figure of 51 g/kWh*. The Group’s carbon intensity is now eight times lower than the sector’s average worldwide, and five times lower than the European average**.

Consolidated data at 31/12/2020.
* Direct emissions excluding the life cycle analysis of generating plant and fuel.
**  Source: International Energy Agency, September 2020 ("Emission Factor").