Investigation and field operation feedback

From the operator’s feedback and further investigations on site or in our testing facilities, we reproduce the phenomenon in the laboratory, as seen in the field. These tests will help to confirm the diagnosis and investigate different types of solutions: deployment of a corrective solution or a monitoring tool, changes in maintenance methods and operating instructions.

Specific tests will enable the development and validation of the solution before deploying it in operation. In situ instrumentation may be implemented in order to provide the operator with a follow-up in the guaranteed time of the solution durability.

EDF Power Networks Lab assists the operators in the analysis of their feedback

EDF Networks has diagnosis tools and flexible enough testing facilities to help operators  understand the phenomena observed in the field, either through feedback or failures.

The use made of feedback with a good knowledge of phenomena enables the operator to

better prevent or anticipate future failures and to inform his decisions on security and asset

management matters.

Examples of achievement:

•Ageing tests and under climate constraints of corrective solutions to seal valves substations under GIS.
•Development of a diagnostic tool for the measurement transformers which enables the early detection of degradation of the insulation capabilities. The tool can be used in the grid without disrupting the operations.

EDF Power Networks Lab assists operators in defining or validating correctives

The EDF Power Networks Lab’s teams have a solid knowledge of equipment and operating constraints they face. They will build with you the relevant tests to develop the corrective that specifically addresses the need and ensures its successful integration into the operation of a grid.

In the case of a corrective suggested by a manufacturer, we can offer a program of testing to validate the corrective and ensure its sustainability and its integration into the operation of the grid.

Examples of achievement:

•Validation of a set of correctives to seal SF6 leaks on overhead high voltage circuit breakers and shielded substations.
•Development tests in laboratory and on-site testing of a device limiting overvoltages when maneuvering in a shielded substation