Our R&D at the service of your challenges

Calling on EDF's R&D means gaining access to first-rate, world-renowned expertise.

Our support offer is based on a catalogue of solutions served by cutting-edge equipment and training provided by the researchers themselves. Whether you are a partner, a professional, a scientist, a teacher or a student, discover how to meet your technical and industrial challenges.

Catalog of R&D solutions

R&D offers a brochure of services: this tool puts all of R&D's expertise to work for the Group's business lines and outside partners.

ITECH Training

Our researchers share their expertise
The aim of ITECH is to share practices, know-how, and innovations that are the result of research and development work at EDF

Design codes

To get ahead of future challenges and support business development, EDF R&D has achieved a level of computing power that puts it amongst the top industrial research centres in the world.

White papers

Microgrids, renewables integrations, battery storage... These white papers describe EDF R&D skills and solutions in these various fields, to be used as public references (e.g. tenders).


Do you want to simulate the electricity consumption of residents in their homes? Our R&D expertise enables you to test your products and services and carry out technical, commercial, economic and other studies.

EDF Power Networks Lab

Expertise that serves clients: a comprehensive and customised set of exceptional testing resources.

EDF Power Generation Expertise

EDF R&D, through its industrial expertise in power generation, provides advanced bespoke technical support in electrotechnics and mechanics of structures, at design and operations of industrial plants and their major equipment.

Solutions for the energy transition

Utilise our solutions for housing, new neighbourhoods, public infrastructure and equipment, office and industrial buildings, smart lighting and services, mobility, and electrically-driven transport, etc.