Controlling the supply of critical assets

For an industrial facilities or systems operator, issues of availability, security and safety of operation of certain critical equipment may far exceed contractual obligations. For these equipment, controlling the initial qualification and the manufacturing quality surveillance by sample test is crucial.

As an independent laboratory with experience in medium and long-term operator issues, EDF Power Networks Lab helps you develop your qualification and sample tests programs based on your safety, reliability and durability targets.

Our teams provide the best level of testing control and assessment of their results, enabling in particular to better measure the operating margins in real-life situations.

Qualification tests adapted to a global vision of the operator's issues

Our teams have an extensive experience of qualification tests on the most critical equipment of a grid: circuit breaker, measuring transformer, cable systems and accessories, etc. made by demanding managers such as ERDF, RTE or the nuclear producer.

Each time, we build a specific qualification program with the operator which meets its security, reliability and durability challenges. The results are transmitted according to the criteria defined in advance, so that it enables him to better assess the operating margins in real situation.
Example of achievement:

Specific tests campaign to qualify the pollution resistance and the ageing resistance of a composite bushing to replace a porcelain bushing in GIS substations of nuclear plants.


Samples testing

On the most critical equipment of a grid, samples testing that retake all or part of the qualification tests, enable to ensure the maintenance over time of the manufacturing quality of a series.

Our teams are experienced in this field, they will be consistent with the qualification strategy and identify with the operator the relevant sampling testing to be conducted on the basis of his feedback.

The malfunctions found in 20-50% of the sampling testing then lead to the definition of corrective and / or restart partial testing.
These testing can also be the opportunity to achieve the qualification of a new functionality or the extension of the operating field.

Example of achievement:

Recovery of a part of the qualification test campaign focused on the weaknesses identified during the qualification. These sampling testing have been used to characterize a télécondamnation.

Independent observation and technical analysis of the results ​​​​​​​

It is sometimes necessary to perform qualification testing in a non-independent or non-recognized laboratory. The use of an independent and competent observation helps ensure compliance with the standards and specifications that are often poorly understood.

Our observers are testing lab experts who practice testing everyday and have a solid experience. Their observations are not confined to a single quality audit of procedures, but they make a thorough check of the testing conditions and a detailed technical analysis of the results.

Example of achievement:

Comprehensive observation campaign of qualification of 225 kV 420 kV disconnectors made in a commercial laboratory that helped correct interpretation of the specification and testing schemes.