Loans progammes: having the flexibility to diversify funding sources is one of EDF's keys to growth

Medium-term and long-term loans

EMTN (Euro Medium Term Note) programme

EDF SA has regular access to the medium-term and long-term bond market through an EMTN programme that allows it to raise funds from the financial markets using bond issues through the intermediary of brokers. EDF's EMTN programme is registered in Paris, Luxembourg and some countries in the EU. Its ceiling is €50bn.

EMTN Base Prospectus

EDF’s public bond issue documents

EDF's Retail Bond Issue

On June 17, 2009 in France EDF launched a bond issue open to any retail investors. Interests on the five-year loan were paid already at a rate of 4.5% per annum. The capital invested have been paid back in full at the end of that period. The subscription was available from all bank branches.

The bond was continuously listed since July 17, 2009 on Euronext Paris with the following references:

  • Listing name: EDF 4.5% 17JUL14
  • CFI Code
  • ISIN: FR0010758888
  • Mnemonic: EDFAO (the listing is available on the main stock market sites)

Short-term loans

The EDF Group has access to short-term resources under various programmes:

  • Commercial paper;
  • US Commercial Paper: commercial paper on the US market;
  • Euro Commercial Paper: commercial paper on the Euro market.

These programmes each have their own ceiling (see table below).

Negotiable EUropean Commercial Paper €6,000 M
US Commercial Paper $10,000 M