For 70 years, EDF has been designing, building, renovating and operating one of Europe's largest hydroelectric plants. What we needed to claim a unique international expertise.

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Hydroelectric production : technical and environmental know-how

On a technical level, EDF's two hydroelectric engineering units are involved in the entire production chain, both upstream (feasibility studies, construction, rehabilitation, etc.) and downstream (operation, monitoring of hydro-meteorological forecasts, etc.). On an environmental level, EDF specialists provide expertise in hydrology, sedimentology, the conservation of rivers, and aquatic biology.

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Hydroelectric plant structures kept under close watch

Controlling the risks associated with the operation of hydroelectric structures depends on the quality of their construction, but also on permanent monitoring, for which EDF is responsible.

The Romanche-Gavet Dam: showcase of hydroelectricity in France

More efficient, safer, more respectful of its environment because mostly underground, the new hydroelectric development of Romanche-Gavet (French Alps) was commissioned in October 2020, after 10 years of construction. It replaces 6 power stations and 5 dams with one single new dam and one new power station, connected by a 10 km long underground gallery under the Belledonne massif. It supplies electricity to nearly 230,000 inhabitants.

Developing and modernising the hydroelectric fleet

In mainland France, EDF is seeking to increase the performance of existing power plants by modernising them (€370 million invested in 2018), while also developing storage capacity and small hydroelectric plants.

Modernising hydroelectric plants

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How does a hydroelectric plant work?

A hydroelectric plant generates electricity by capturing the energy produced by water falling between two levels at different heights...

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