Hydroelectric energy

Hydroelectricity is the second largest source of electricity production after nuclear energy and the primary source of renewable electricity in France. Flexible and storable, it contributes actively to the balance of the electricity system and to network safety.

Primary source of renewable energy in France

Hydroelectric energy is the primary source of renewable energy in France. With 20 GW of installed capacity and almost 10% of its electricity supplied by hydroelectricity, EDF is now the leader in hydroelectric energy in the European Union.

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Available on demand

Hydroelectric energy can be switched on in a few minutes and at any time. It responds to sudden fluctuations in electricity demand at a low cost thanks to the water stored in EDF dams. Such flexibility makes it the ideal adjustment lever for EDF in the face of sudden variations in consumption.

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Local economy and dialogue

EDF's hydroelectric energy business is a great asset for the economic development of the regions. The lakes formed by dams give rise to activities that are important for the tourism industry. EDF launched the ‘One River, One Region’ programme to support growth and innovation in hydroelectric valleys.

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Water use based on consultation

EDF manages nearly 7 billions of surface water in mainland France. The Group works with local stakeholders to ensure that this resource is shared and used correctly. It is also involved in its long-term preservation, which is affected by global warming.

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Protecting biodiversity

EDF gives great importance to ensuring compatibility between biodiversity and hydroelectricity and, more generally, preserving fauna and flora close to production facilities.

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EDF, a leader in hydroelectric energy in Europe

Our expertise

For 70 years, EDF has been designing, building and operating one of Europe's largest hydroelectric plants.


Internationally recognised, EDF's hydroelectric expertise is exported to the rest of the world.