Doubling the share of renewable energies by 2030

EDF is accelerating the development of renewable energies in France and abroad

Diversified and increasingly present renewable energies sources

In accordance with France's energy policy for the next ten years, EDF is evolving its energy mix in order to significantly increase the share of renewable energy, in addition to nuclear energy.

Hydroelectric power

In France, hydroelectricity is the second largest source of electricity generation, behind nuclear power, and is the primary source of renewable electricity. Flexible and storable, it contributes actively to the balance of the electricity system and to network safety.

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Solar energy

Launched in 2017, the EDF Solar Plan is a proactive Group programme promoting the development of photovoltaic energy in France. Its purpose is to make EDF the leader in photovoltaic energy in France with a market share of 30% by 2035 and one of the world's solar leaders.

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Types of renewable energy at EDF also includes...

Biomass, geothermal and marine energies, recovered energy, etc.: alongside mature technologies such as hydro, wind and solar energy, other renewable energies are developing, covering the full range of possible solutions to meet the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.