Advantages of nuclear power

Nuclear energy, a key solution for a low-carbon society

EDF energy nuclear, a leader in a sector of excellence

As the world's leading nuclear operator and the driver of innovative projects, the EDF Group is at the head of a strategic industrial sector, the third largest in France after the automotive and aeronautics sectors. This sector has all of the assets necessary to design and build a new generation of power plants in France and internationally, operate existing reactors and decommission those that have been shut down.

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Nuclear Power Plant Operating and Safety Events

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Safety and security

Safety nuclear power stations : ensuring protection at all times

The safety of nuclear power stations is guaranteed by taking into account the risk of an accident permanently. Safety is governed by very strict regulations that are designed to protect people and their environment in all circumstances. Scheduled and random inspections are carried out throughout the year by the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN).

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In France, 19 nuclear power stations enable electricity to be produced without emitting any CO2. Follow their news.