The winners of the EDF Pulse Awards

From exoskeletons that help paraplegics walk again and folding electric scooters to the battery of the future, augmented wood and even natural lighting via fibre-optic cable, the winners of the EDF Pulse Awards have been submitting the most cutting-edge technology of the future ever since 2014.

The winners of the 2022 Edition

On the 8th of March 2023, the winners of the 2022 EDF Pulse Awards were honored in a ceremony chaired by Luc Rémont, Chairman and CEO of the EDF Group. With more than 265 candidate projects across 33 countries, this 8th edition highlighted the dynamism of low carbon innovative projects. Discover the four winning startups.

Value Park - viabilisation énerg'éthique

Value Park

"Low-carbon production" category winner, Value Park aims to make human and digital activity “parks” more viable by producing sustainable frigories from deep sea water for air conditioning to coastal or floating infrastructure without any electricity.



"Low-carbon consumption" category winner, Olenergies wants to deploy OlenMove, an innovative and sustainable mobile energy storage solution that is remotely controlled and optimized, enabling the supply of devices that use electricity in public spaces to replace polluting generators.

Fruggr - Made with heart bt Digital for Better


"Decarbonizing through digital technology" category winner, Fruggr measures and improves the carbon footprint of digital services.



"Making business simpler and safer" category winner, Safehear designed Louis: communicating hearing protection for industry. Daily companion for workers in factories and worksites, Louis allows you to give back one of the 5 senses to its user: hearing.

The winners of the previous editions

Each year, the winning nuggets of the EDF Pulse Awards have proposed the most cutting-edge technologies of the future. Who are they? Why are these start-ups revolutionizing the world of tomorrow? Discover the winners of the EDF Pulse Awards!


Helper Drone

A sea rescue drone assists rescue professionals in securing the victims of accidents in record time.

  • 2018


A intelligent “control tower” analyses and helps manage all the contracts of a company.

  • 2018


This disruptive technology makes it possible to carry and to store hydrogen more simply thanks to... a liquid vector.

  • 2018


A smart radiator which stores electricity during off-peak hours and redistributes it during peak consumption.

  • 2018


A autonomous robot operating on solar energy maintains all large grassed areas (vineyards, railways, etc.).

  • 2018

GEPS Techno

Using the sea’s energy to bring power to offshore wind turbines.

  • 2017


The innovative lighting system that brings natural light into windowless buildings.

  • 2014


The smart and personalised home-based physiotherapy programme for people suffering from cognitive disorders.

  • 2017


The medical imaging device that detects skin cancers at an early stage without taking a tissue sample.

  • 2015