In recent years, smart radiators have flourished on the market. Capable of memorizing the living habits of the occupants of a dwelling, they only work when it is necessary. All to help consumers better control their energy expenditure, while maintaining a high degree of comfort. With Lancey, Raphaël Meyer and Gilles Moreau go even further! For the first time, a smart radiator has an embedded battery. In short, the device is able to store electricity during off-peak hours to restore it during peak consumption. As a result, electricity consumption is optimized and heating loads reduced. In the end, heating bills could be reduced by half!

And the Lancey radiator goes even further: when a house is equipped, for example, with photovoltaic panels, it can store the electricity of renewable origin that they produce. By encouraging the development of self-consumption, Lancey proves that the energy transition can take place at all levels. This did not fail to win over the Grand Jury of the 2018 EDF Pulse Awards which judged it the top winner in the “Smart Home” category. Next step: new fundraising at the end of 2019 to develop the sales team and accelerate the industrialization of this new generation radiator.

* Source : EDF, Distribution of eelctricity consumption in French households (in French)

  • €500K
  • 8
    patents filed
  • 50%
    Up to 50% savings on heating bills

Born from the meeting of a doctor in thermal physics, a battery specialist and a serial entrepreneur, the project has gradually brought together various experts in electronics, IoT, industrialisation engineering and business. The team is due to grow, primarily to develop its business division and accelerate the industrialisation of the solution.

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