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  • 2017

    Creation date

  • 18


  • €3.5 M

    Fund raised

There were 17 million new cases of cancer worldwide in 2018. However, despite the technical advances accomplished, the current patient treatment chain is still too scattershot. Instead of giving in, TheraPanacea hopes to tackle this major societal issue head on. How? By using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve radiotherapy, the most widely used treatment method.

Relying on its expertise in medical imaging, advanced mathematics and AI, the Parisian startup TheraPanacea has designed software to make radiotherapy more effective through intelligent automation. To take it one step further, the project also makes it possible to personalise sessions, in order to obtain more rapid, accurate and effective results. Eventually, this standardised technology will allow us to treat more cancer patients with equal or better quality than today, in every radiotherapy centre across the globe.

The high technologies used for the development of and within this project, as well as its societal impact, convinced the Jury of the 2019 EDF Pulse start-up Awards. They awarded TheraPanacea the first place of this year’s podium. The team now aims to increase the solution’s commercialisation in France and Europe to launch it worldwide.

The Team

Led by Nikos Paragios, our cosmopolitan team here at TheraPanacea brings a wealth of scientific expertise to the table (artificial intelligence, medical imaging, physics) and has forged numerous partnerships with prestigious cancer treatment centres and AI research centres, in order to make radiotherapy more effective for everyone.

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Nikos Paragios, the main founder of TheraPanacea and an artificial intelligence researcher, was working with oncologists on research subjects that straddled both AI and medicine. He noticed an immense gap between the technologies used in hospitals and the technological and scientific advances achieved in the field of research. It was at this point that the startup was founded, in order to bring the most recent discoveries in AI more quickly into the clinical arena.


In France, we’ll be installing our software on more than ten sites in less than six months. And we’ve also acquired our first international customer in Germany!


Less than a year ago, for our first medical trade show, where all our future customers would be in attendance, we brought computer screens, furniture, a coffee machine, and a GPU server wrapped in a blanket, all in the boot of a car. It was a motley collection!


Thanks to our project, all radiotherapy centres across the globe will be able to treat all of their patients using a totally automated process, with the same resources as before, and with the same level of quality as the best 10 treatment centres in the world. A considerable advancement compared to the current situation.

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