When it comes to saving lives, every minute counts. In particular, the very first ones, which lifeguards and rescuers call the “golden minutes”. Fabien Farge along with David and Anthony Gavend, the three co-founders of the Helper Drone, understand this well! Originally from Landes, they know better than anyone that the sea currents can be formidable if we do not act quickly. They therefore designed a drone to assist rescue professionals at sea. And not just any drone! Designed specifically to withstand extreme weather conditions, high winds and swells, this perfectly identified flying object identifies people at risk and lays a self-inflating buoy nearby. It then sends navigation information to the rescuers to help find victims quickly. A high-quality camera also allows remote control of the condition of the people to rescue.

Tested for two summers on the beaches of Landes, the Helper Drone has already proved itself by helping save 6 lives. And this is only the beginning: the Grand Jury of the 2018 EDF Pulse Awards has decided to award this extremely useful and fully mastered solution, in the “Smart Health & Self” category. It’s a safe bet that this new ally of rescuers will soon meet its next challenge: delivering medical equipment everywhere at sea (oil platforms, for the merchant navy or cruises, etc.), but also on the mainland (in the event of road accidents, fires, hazards on an industrial site, etc.). So, the Helper Drone could become the first link in the rescue chain!

  • €370K


  • 6

    lives already saved over the past 2 summers

  • 5

    patents filed

The Team

This Landes-based team combines its collective expertise in emergency medicine, software architecture, IoT and electronics to achieve a common goal: to treat victims more quickly using new technologies.

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