Finalists 2024

For this new edition of the EDF Pulse Awards, 144 startups from 20 different countries have chosen to present their innovative solutions to reach carbon neutrality faster. The jury members selected 13 of them to participate in the grand finale which will take place on July 18, 2024. Discover the finalists in each category.

Empowering customers to take control of their decarbonisation

They are accelerating the development of solutions and services enabling decarbonisation by simplifying them as much as possible and making them accessible to the greatest number of people.

  • CFEX


    Platform for automating the business process between renewable asset operators and their customers.

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  • Dracula Technologies

    Dracula Technologies

    Offering sustainable and economical alternatives to batteries for low-energy consumption connected objects.

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  • Orus Energy

    A data-driven electricity flexibility platform that invites commercial building managers to shift their energy consumption away from peak periods in exchange for financial compensation.

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Optimising and accelerating the production and storage of carbon-free electricity

They are optimizing the performance of today's decarbonized electricity production and storage methods, and accelerating the development of tomorrow's solutions.

  • Cold Pad


    Durable composite bonding and fastening solutions to facilitate structural maintenance, modernisation and upgrading of industrial sites.

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  • Hydro X


    Technology for storing and transporting hydrogen in a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-explosive and energy-efficient medium.

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  • Magnoric


    Solution for the electrical conversion of low-intensity sources of waste heat.

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Developing profitable decentralised energy system

They are offering relevant innovations to meet the growing needs for energy self-sufficiency at various scales.

  • ARIANE by Gazotech


    Using residual dry biomass to produce a renewable gas called "SYNGAZ" using a thermochemical pyrogasification process.

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  • Eco Wave Power

    Eco Wave Power

    Technology for generating electricity from ocean waves.

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  • Marny Energy

    Marny Energy

    A solution for reusing electric vehicle batteries in sustainable energy storage and distribution systems on an industrial scale.

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Developing solutions for carbon capture, utilisation and offsetting

They are developing new solutions for carbon capture, high-quality offsetting, and the responsible use of captured carbon.

  • Aerleum


    Technology combining the capture and conversion of CO₂ to produce synthetic fuels

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  • Grims Energies

    Grims Energies

    Technology using water at less than 100°C to capture, recover and store waste heat in a compact, modular way.

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  • Mitico


    Solution for capturing CO₂ from post-combustion sources.

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  • Sédimenterre


    A solution for recycling sediments and transforming them into building materials.

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Next step

Meet on July 18th to discover the winners of the EDF Pulse Awards 2024.