All people who manage contracts know it: it is a time consuming, tedious, even risky task if we miss deadlines. To save time for lawyers and contract managers, Alexandre Grux, Alexis Agahi and Guillaume Bon came up with the idea of ​​creating Hyperlex, an artificial intelligence platform that analyses and helps to simply manage all the contracts of a business. It absolutely does not replace lawyers: its mission is to identify the key elements of the documents to follow to enable them to easily manage any legal or financial risk. A real “control tower” to keep an eye on all contracts!

The artificial intelligence of Hyperlex is not limited to French contracts. Thanks to the latest machine learning methods, it is able to constantly adapt and take into account the diversity and versatility of different national laws, to analyse all types of contracts, whatever the activity of the company and in any European country. This agility did not fail to win over the Grand Jury of the 2018 EDF Pulse Awards which awarded it the top award in the “Smart Business” category. This first award is promising for this strong team, which aims to become the number one contract management solution in Europe. A great goal!

  • €1M
    raised in February 2018
  • 3M
    Nearly 3 million contracts already managed
  • 9
    employee experts in machine learning

The Team

The founding members of Hyperlex have several things in common: they all have entrepreneurial experience in the B2B SaaS software industry (Kyriba, Pyxidr), they know machine learning technologies inside out and they have all had to manage contracts.

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