Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

EDF R&D always keeps the user at the centre of the design of new applications. Virtual reality and augmented reality are technologies that enable this approach by safely breaking down physical boundaries. 

Thus, training, preparation of maintenance sites, design of new installations as well as sales assistance or customer adviser are now real fields of application.

Immerse yourself into another reality, augmented or virtual.

VA and VR: painting the world with data

Discover the many fields of application that exist within the EDF Group for these technologies which always place the user at the centre of the simulations.

Habitat: DIAG ENERGIE 3D simulates the thermal behaviour of the housing

Using 3D plans and Augmented Reality, R&D has developed DIAG ENERGIE 3D, which allows the dynamic thermal simulation of the housing and to perform a customized energy diagnostics.

Nuclear: VVProPrépa : the perspective in the reactor building

The VVPRO Prepa application is a very powerful digital tool that uses augmented reality to help the operators to prepare their interventions and, in particular, to find their way around the reactor building of nuclear power plants virtually, to the nearest centimetre.

This tool is also used in the context of the Grand Carénage, a major nuclear industrial program, which relies on all the players involved for extending the operating life of nuclear facilities in complete safety. EDF R&D has been involved in this industrial adventure since the launch of the program.

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