Artificial intelligence

AI has a cross-functional role in EDF Group research. We are exploring all the possibilities offered by this technology, to apply it to all our business lines. 

Today, the range of applications is wide: AI is used in our industrial activities (non-critical processes, such as procurement or maintenance, etc.), as well as in commercial activities (robots for customer relations).

Tomorrow, the challenge will be to integrate AI into critical processes, such as the operation of a power plant.

Expert’s voice: Stéphane Tanguy

Artificial intelligence has a major role to play in digital acceleration. EDF R&D has therefore equipped itself with unprecedented computing and human resources to remove the technological barriers, thereby making a major contribution to the dissemination of AI within all the EDF Group's business. EDF R&D is committed to promote a responsible, more ethical and energy-saving AI.

AI in 3 ways

Past, present, future… Artificial Intelligence has always been part of the active research of EDF R&D. A challenge taken 40 years ago, which is showing its benefits today, to support all the Group's business lines! And it's not over yet, as there are still many challenges to be met in order to continue to build an AI that serves humans.

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