Data Innovation Lab at EDF R&D

The DIL or Data Innovation Lab is transversal system where data science work is carried out according to the maturity of the subjects and business needs (Datathon, Data Shaker, Use cases, Socle) supported by R&D expertise (Data Scientists, Data Engineers) and state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence methods.

It brings agility and flexibility to the projects as well as to the issues addressed: from a few weeks to a maximum of 6 months for a subject, managed in a dynamic way (by a "Think Big, Start Small & Fail fast" approach).


Data Innovation Lab


Based on an innovative collaborative model, the Data Innovation Lab began with an incubation period which helped strengthen the methodology and practices offered. The Lab worked on use cases with the Group's business units. Each year, through the projects associated with it, the DIL defines new subjects and new challenges, such as work on new machine learning methods (deep learning, reinforcement learning, transfer learning, etc.) which are promising in AI.

The DIL's players in EDF R&D

Data Scientists R&D

  • Data Science expertise
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Data viz…

Apprentice researcher

  • Mathematical and/or statistical background

Partners (academic, start-up…)

  • Expertise or specific means complementary to those of R&D

 Information System Direction

  • Data and/or business platforms access

Business pilot

  • Requirements
  • Business logic
  • Business model

The Data Innovation Lab provides methods, tools and expertise for researchers who wish to use Datascience to enhance the value of all the data produced by the company.

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