Big data

Big Data has revolutionized the activity of the EDF Group. These massive databases of information are taking on their full meaning, thanks to adapted analysis techniques - Data Science - combined with the lightning progress of artificial intelligence. 

The data scientists who work for the EDF Group's R&D department use these masses of data as raw material to constantly explore solutions by developing mathematical and computer tools and by perfecting ever more complex algorithms. 

In this way, Data Science has enabled considerable progress to be made at all levels of our activity. For example, the study of massive data allows us to better anticipate our customers' needs, in order to supply electricity by the cheapest means. Data Science also allows us to monitor our production tools much more accurately. The aim is to optimize their use in order to reduce costs or to prevent breakdowns or anomalies.

Welcome to a world of data.

Data Science: major R&D projects in the era of Big Data

Today, the analysis of massive data packages is an essential component of R&D work. It allows an extremely good knowledge of the present, but also, to anticipate the future. Are you ready to dive into the world of Data? Discover its main fields of application in an educational video.

Consumption forecasting : EDF R&D recites its GAM

Thanks to Big Data, EDF's R&D has developed a high-performance consumption forecasting model, fully adapted to the upcoming energy transition. Discover GAM, one of the components of this model, which gives the LA in terms of anticipation.

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