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“Artificial intelligence offers huge potential if it is put to work for humans and not vice versa. At EDF R&D, we consider artificial intelligence to be a set of disciplines designed to make our systems more autonomous”

Stéphane Tanguy, Director of Information Systems and Technologies at EDF R&D.


3 key figures to remember

  • 11

    petaflops of computing power provided by R&D in supercomputers

  • 30+

    years of work around AI at R&D

  • 2018

    Active monitoring begins in the field of quantum computing

3 minutes to understand the challenges of R&D

What role should the technology play in our activities, compared to humans? 
The answer by Stéphane TANGUY, Director of Information Systems and Technologies at EDF R&D

Learn how to link technologies and uses

Let's go on a journey to the heart of artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things, blockchain, virtual and augmented reality... Are you ready? Click on the digital technology of your choice and here we go !


Artificial intelligence

What does AI represent for R&D ? A set of neurons ? Gray matter ? Data ? Memory? And humans in all this ? Here is the answer ! 



1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 : a revolution thanks to massive data analysis techniques. But not only that... discover how R&D uses big data!


Internet of Things

Today, it is estimated that over 20 billion connected objects are in use worldwide. At R&D, we've adopted them too! Dive into an increasingly connected research environment.



A technology explored for decentralized energy systems in R&D. For more information, click here !


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

R&D simulates! And yes! It's possible in AR and VR. Explore these tools that bridge the gap between the real world and the digital world...


Data Innovation Lab

With the DIL, data analysis and statistics are put at the service for all. How? For what purposes? Discover the actions in favour of data transformation.

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