As a low-carbon partner of VivaTech for the past 3 years, EDF is sponsoring the Impact Bridge, the brand new space showcasing startups committed to decarbonisation. EDF Pulse Ventures, the Group's corporate venture capital, has seized the opportunity to showcase 6 startups from its portfolio and from EDF's innovation ecosystem. Join us from 22 to 25 May 2024 to discover their innovative solutions.

As a leader in low-carbon electricity production, it was an obvious choice for EDF to sponsor Viva Technology's new "Impact Bridge" space, which aims to showcase innovative solutions for building a low-carbon world.

EDF Pulse Ventures seized this opportunity to give visibility to 4 startups from its portfolio (Exaion, Spotr, Sweetch Energy, Urbanomy) and 2 startups from the EDF innovation ecosystem (Fruggr and Value Park).

EDF Pulse Ventures, a strategic partner for startups

Since 2017, EDF Pulse Ventures has invested nearly €500 million in startups and venture capital funds, and has around 20 companies in its portfolio. As a corporate venture capital, it not only invests financially in startups but is also keen to help them build their profile and develop their business. 

This is why, once again this year, EDF Pulse Ventures has given some of the startups in its portfolio and in the EDF innovation ecosystem the opportunity to attend Viva Technology, Europe's biggest event dedicated to innovation and tech, alongside the EDF Group.

2 startup in which it invested in 2023 will be represented on the Impact Bridge:



Spotr has developed a SaaS B2B platform for automated building inspection. The startup collects and aggregates data of various types (imagery from satellites, aeroplanes, 3D models, text) and from a range of sources (open data, private, local). It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning models to deliver accurate building analysis to its customers.

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carte sweetch energy

Sweetch Energy

Sweetch Energy is building a carbon-neutral future by harnessing a natural and widely available resource: osmotic energy.

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2 EDF Group subsidiaries, spin-offs from the EDF Pulse Incubation entrepreneurial programme and now part of the EDF Pulse Ventures portfolio, will also be present on the Impact Bridge:

carte Exaion


Exaion develops high-performance, innovative and sovereign digital services. In line with the Group's raison d'être, it supports businesses in their digital transformation with a responsible and sustainable approach.

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carte urbanomy en


Urbanomy specialises in energy and climate strategy consultancy. It also develops energy and carbon master plans for regional projects and property portfolios. It is involved in all aspects of decarbonisation.

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Finally, 2 winners of the 2022 EDF Pulse Award, in connection with the EDF Pulse Connect open innovation programme, will be exhibiting on the Impact Bridge:

logo fruggr


Fruggr improves the environmental and social footprint of digital technology. Its application, Fruggr App, is designed for smartphones and enables users to obtain an environmental impact score for their digital activity. The app calculates an initial score for each user and then offers advice on how to reduce the impact of their activity and better control their footprint. This innovation won the 2022 EDF Pulse Start-up Award in the "decarbonising through digital" category.

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logo value park

Value Park

Value Park's ambition is to make human or digital activity "parks" viable by producing sustainable frigories from deep-sea water to air-condition coastal or floating infrastructures without any electricity. It won the 2022 EDF Pulse Start-up Award in the "low-carbon production" category.

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