Challenge: fighting CO₂

"Together, we can reduce our carbon footprint every day!" is how EDF challenged all its Group employees in France to contribute to a CO2 neutral future.
Each employee can commit to improving their energy consumption and therefore reduce their carbon footprint, with eco-gestures, but also by choosing alternative mobility solutions such as carpooling, electric vehicles or even cycling.

Working at EDF : stimulating collective intelligence

The ‘Let's Talk Energies’ initiative launched in 2018 opened up a new form of dialogue within the company. More than 20,000 employees took part in this initiative and enriched with specific proposals the strategic vision of the Group's future. A true collective intelligence laboratory, ‘Let's Talk Energies’ continued in 2019 with the creation of voluntary employee groups tasked with tackling the challenges linked to the stakes of the energy transition process. In 2021, the approach is enriched with an external component “Let’s Talk Energies at Home” during which volunteer employees of EDF go to meet French citizens to find out their perception and their expectations about EDF’s projects and activities.


Metroscope (Industrial Performance innovation award), the Artificial Intelligence system developed by R&D researchers, is like a stethoscope for industrial sites. It can diagnose underperformance in an industrial facility in real time. In the process of being rolled out in nuclear power plants, Metroscope is to be marketed among EDF's industrial clients.

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Employee empowerment : encouraging intrapreneurship

EDF Pulse Croissance is both an investment fund and the EDF group's incubator. It supports start-ups and Group employees with their intrapreneurship projects. ‘We are building the EDF Group of the future with the employees of today. The aim? To give our customers new and competitive offers,’ - Michel Vanhaesbroucke, Director of EDF Pulse Croissance.

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Two employees’ favorites for the EDF Pulse 2020 internal Awards

For th 7th edition of the EDF Pulse internal Awards, the Group’s employees awarded their favorite to two projects: Nessie the dredger (an environmentally friendly pool cleaning robot for dams) and Otelo (a remotely controlled robot for performing work safely on live 20 000-V power lines).

Employee engagement challenges : rewards for innovative projects

As EDF believes in the creativity of its employees, every year for the past seven years, the EDF Pulse in-house awards have honoured those employees behind one of the most innovative projects in areas related to the Group’s strategy: low-carbon generation, clients and territories, health and safety and risk prevention, industrial performance, digital transformation, simplification and empowerment.

Experiencing innovation at EDF

Passionate about their profession

They are still the best ambassadors! Listen to Joanne (data analyst), Armael (scrum master) or Chaynès (system designer) ...

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