Being a major electricity provider, a unique responsibility

As electricity is an essential commodity, EDF is committed to integrating economic, social, societal and environmental dimensions into the heart of its strategy.
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Being a benchmark electricity company gives us a unique responsibility.

EDF, a responsible operator and producer

As the operator of the largest electricity generation fleet in Europe, EDF performs its duties with a constant concern for the safety of production facilities and people, and in strict compliance with environmental standards.

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EDF, a player committed to the regions

A public service company which has historically worked very closely with local authorities, EDF is an essential player in the regional economic and social fabric. Its contribution in terms of jobs, outsourcing, investment and developing local assets makes it a natural and legitimate partner in the development of the regions’ appeal. This special relationship is based on dialogue and consultation.


EDF, a player in energy education

EDF, the leader in its sector, helps all consumer groups better understand and use energy. At the same time, the company is involved in developing the scientific energy culture, particularly among young people by focusing on education.



EDF, committed to six areas of corporate responsibility

In line with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, EDF has implemented six corporate responsibility goals. They are all very ambitious and concern climate change, human development, fuel poverty, energy efficiency, dialogue and consultation, and biodiversity.

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