Taking action as a responsible company also means communicating responsibly for EDF. This is why the Group has developed a policy that aims to reduce the environmental impact of its communication as well as to guarantee all communication formats are accessible by everyone.

A code providing a global vision of responsible communication

The EDF Group has long been developing educational and local communication driven by its public service values. In 2018, it took a new step by adopting a responsible communication policy, coherent with its sustainability commitments, its cooperative procedures and its digital stakes. This policy takes shape through a responsible communication code applied to all communicative actions (institutional, internal, commercial, and crisis communication) and to the formats of communication (press relations, events, digital, publishing, marketing, etc.) for entities whose communication actions are controlled by the Group, in France and abroad.

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  • EDF is however liable to guarantee confidentiality on trade secrets, patents, and its relationship with its regulatory authorities;
  • EDF seeks to develop professionalism in its communication by constantly training its communication teams;
  • Responsible communication is not only approached in its ethical dimension, but it is also a lever for social, united and economic development

The fundamental principles of responsible communication

These fundamental principles guide the Group's actions to achieve the objective it has set itself concerning responsible communication and are used to measure its performance in the matter:

  • All communication must be authentic, aim for accuracy, veracity;
  • Communication actions integrate the principles of respect, listening, pedagogy and trust of all audiences: clarity, adapted information, accessibility;
  • Responsible communication concerning the major challenges of social, societal and environmental responsibility apply to all of our stakeholders: clients, employees and shareholders;

To achieve the collective commitment of EDF's communication teams, the Group's communication department has initiated a responsible communication training program for its teams. Sessions are organized regularly for EDF communicators to get involved in a process of continuous improvement, to be in sync with the Group's CSR commitments and to question both their way of delivering a message as much as its content. This approach takes environmental, social and solidarity aspects into account from the design to the impact of communication objects.

Practical applications

EDF's responsible communication policy was adopted in 2018 and is already paying off. For example, at the end of 2019, the monthly average of the Group's subtitled videos has more than tripled compared to the beginning of 2019, rising to more than 86%. The EDF group is also the sustainability partner of several flagship events in France (such as the Maddy Keynote 2020) and commits to make its major innovation meeting Electric Days 2020 an environmentally responsible and completely accessible event.

The Electric Days, a responsible event

The FAIRe program

EDF has been a signatory to the FAIRe program, led by the Union des Marques (French association representing advertisers) since 2018. This charter, renewed in 2020 and in 2022, sets out 15 commitments with annual reporting. Businesses can then make the move towards responsible communication all while allowing the Union des marques to assess their performance annually. The commitments of the FAIRe program relate to the development of messages, the communication on brand commitments, the eco-social design of communication tools, the controlled diffusion of communication, and the mobilization of partners and teams.

The 15 indicators of the FAIRe 2022 program