Nuclear power plant safety: continuous improvement

The safety of nuclear power plants is the overriding priority for EDF and a constant focus of attention, from the design through to the operation and decommissioning of plants. Governed by strict regulations, compliance with which is regularly verified, safety is guaranteed on a daily basis by a safety culture that seeks continuous improvement. From employee training to the use of international operating experience, EDF spares no effort in upholding stringent requirements.

Other inspections are carried out by international bodies such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO). These inspections assess the safety level of a plant against international standards and drive further improvement.

A regulated and frequently inspected industry

Nuclear power plants are governed by strict regulations designed to protect at all times people and the environment. They are all subject to inspections by the Nuclear Safety Authority which, working independently, on behalf of the government, ensures compliance with the regulatory requirements for nuclear safety. In 2020, the Nuclear Safety Authority conducted 343 inspections of French nuclear power plants.

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A professional workforce

Our employees must abide strictly by the essential rules and procedures for nuclear plant operation. Every year, close to 3 million hours’ training is delivered to employees, including approximately 400,000 hours of control room simulator training. 

Risk prevention and management

Although accident risk levels are extremely low, EDF and the public authorities have jointly set up a comprehensive response organisation for the management of emergency situations.