EDF, unique expertise in nuclear power creation

EDF has the internationally-recognised experience and expertise necessary to operate existing reactors, design and build new generations of power plants and decommission those that have been shut down.

Four stages in the life of a nuclear power plant

  • Design

  • Construction

  • Production

  • Decommissioning


EDF has a unique experience in designing nuclear plants. The Group develops a range of technological solutions to meet the challenges of supply continuity and mass production, without affecting the climate and the region’s natural resources.

The future of nuclear energy


For over 40 years, EDF has been building nuclear power stations that incorporate the highest safety standards. Each project is studied by architects and landscape designers, and is the subject of an environmental impact study.

Discrover the construction of a nuclear power plan


As the main electricity supplier in France, the nuclear power plant fleet must be capable of producing electricity for businesses as well as households all year round, regardless of the weather. To achieve this, EDF has set stringent availability, safety and maintenance requirements for itself.


Decommissioning is an integral part of a nuclear power plant's life cycle. EDF bears full technical, financial and regulatory responsibility. Decommissioning takes place in three stages: definitive shutdown of the power station, dismantling of the non-nuclear part and dismantling of the reactor building.

More about decommissioning a nuclear power plant

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Continuous innovation

Innovation is part of EDF's DNA. At every stage in the life of a power plant, digital solutions help improve performance.

A positive approach to biodiversity

EDF regularly inventories fauna and flora on its production sites.