Shaping the future of nuclear

EDF is expanding its range of nuclear reactors of various sizes to meet the specific needs of countries and electricity networks around the world. In France, with the French nuclear fleet, EDF is geared up to launch the new nuclear power plant construction programme announced by the President of the Republic on 9 November 2021. In conjunction with renewable energies, this programme will guarantee France’s electricity supply and help achieve carbon neutrality.

The EPR, the reactor of tomorrow

Designed to be even safer and even more environmentally friendly than previous reactors, the EPR captures all the recent advances in nuclear safety, reduced environmental impact and technical performance.

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The EPR2 project

EDF, Framatome and the other sector manufacturers are currently working together on an optimised EPR design, in the context of the EPR2 project. This collaboration is aiming to put forward an enhanced industrial solution in anticipation of a renewal of the French fleet. The first plants are expected to be commissioned by 2035. The optimised EPR will replicate the best features of the EPR design but will also incorporate improvements drawn from the operating experience of current EPR projects (Flamanville 3, Taishan and Hinkley Point C).

The NUWARD™ SMR solution

EDF and a team of partners from industry and energy sectors are joining their strengths and expertise to develop a unique SMR solution: NUWARD™. Its design is based on decades of experience on proven PWR technology and gathers 50 years of experience in energy generation, reactor design, manufacturing and construction.

Thanks to a  standardised and modular approach for in-factory manufacturing and construction , NUWARD™ is designed for rapid certification and onsite installation.

NUWARD™ will provide great added value in the decarbonisation of the world energy mix, with a sustainable and flexible energy solution for industrial sites, remote areas with limited electric grids and heavily carbonised electricity networks. Beyond electricity production, NUWARD™ will support multipurpose uses (hydrogen production, heat, desalinization, etc.).

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