Offshore wind farms provide the benefit of sea winds, which are stronger and more regular than on land. As a leader in this technology in France and a recognised player in Europe, EDF Renewables is also positioning itself on new markets around the world, primarily in the US and China.

Crystallising the growth of offshore wind power

Offshore wind power is seeing very strong growth all around the world. From Europe to Asia and North America, the EDF group takes part in developing major projects. In Europe, it is proud to support the structuring of an industrial sector that creates thousands of jobs.

Developing exemplary projects for the future of local areas

Before its projects are constructed, EDF Renewables works with local actors to identify the skills available in local areas. During construction, we ensure that activities are created as close as possible to projects and if necessary help to set up training aligned with our and our subcontractors’ businesses. As such, we unite all stakeholders and ensure that our projects act as drivers of economic growth.

Integrating local challenges

The EDF group is committed to understanding the challenges facing local areas in order to devise suitable and cohesive projects that are respectful of human activities. The projects are based on the coexistence of activities, notably users of the sea, and are the result of several years of technical and socioeconomic studies and dialogue with all stakeholders in local areas.

Protecting the environment

Each project is based on stringent consideration of environmental challenges and draws on numerous studies conducted over several years, in collaboration with recognised local structures (marine mammals, avifauna, fishery resources, water quality, currents, etc.).

Focus on flagship offshore wind farm projects

Teesside (United-Kingdom)

Teesside offshore wind farm

A farm containing 27 wind turbines on monopile foundations, developed, constructed and operated entirely by EDF Renewables.

Saint-Nazaire (France)

Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm

Off Saint-Nazaire, since November 2022, the 80 wind turbines of France's first offshore wind farm have been producing low-carbon energy

Onshore wind power

In France and around the world, the EDF group, through its EDF Renewables subsidiary, has established itself as a key player in onshore wind power production. Our daily challenges are to build the best project in a given area, choose the most advanced technologies and ensure the quality of the facilities.

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