Wind power, an inexhaustible source of energy based on the traditional use of wind, produces electricity without emitting greenhouse gases. This technology has now matured from a technical and financial viewpoint.

Enhancing the growth of onshore wind power

In France and around the world, the EDF group, through its EDF Renewables subsidiary, is a key player in wind power. Our daily challenges are to build the best project in a given area, choose the most advanced technologies and ensure the quality of the facilities throughout their lifespan.

Projects jointly conducted with local players

A wind farm is often the starting point for a much larger project in a local area designed to boost the local economy. Both in France and internationally, EDF Renewables is committed to jointly building its projects together with local players and authorities. As a result of the activity, jobs and tax revenue they generate, wind farm projects often help to bring sustainable energy to local areas.

An environmentally friendly approach

Because environmental protection and biodiversity conservation are among our main priorities, we’re committed to identifying, understanding, assessing and achieving proficiency in the environmental challenges related to our facilities. Our expertise guarantees that measures suited to the local context are put in place at each stage in the life of a project, from design to decommissioning.

Focus on flagship projects in onshore wind power

EDF Renewables specialises in designing and running onshore wind farms. Proof by example…

Champagne picarde (Aisne)

Champagne Picarde wind farm project

Initiatives to restore the habitats of two protected bird species

Les Taillades (Lozère)

Les Taillades wind farm

The energy produced by the farm is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 30,000 inhabitants, or nearly 40% of the population of Lozère

Offshore wind power

Offshore wind power is seeing very strong growth all around the world. From Europe to Asia and North America, the EDF group is taking part in developing major projects and supporting the structuring of a European industrial sector that creates thousands of jobs.

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