The EDF group delivers the full breadth of its R&D expertise and draws on the most innovative partners to invent and prepare for tomorrow’s offshore wind power.

Provence Grand Large pilot project

Comprised of three floating wind turbines located more than 17 km off the coast of Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, the project will demonstrate the technical feasibility of this promising technology. The project was developed in liaison with local actors over a number of years.

Floating wind farm technology

Floating wind farms, one of the most promising innovations, are a solution of the future for broadening the scope of offshore locations. Alongside traditional solutions, floating offshore wind farms allow projects to be installed in deep-sea areas further away from the coasts or in windier areas.

Blyth pilot project

Comprised of five 8.3 MW wind turbines, the Blyth pilot project was commissioned in 2018. With a unitary weight of several thousand tonnes, the concrete foundations of the Blyth project wind turbines were constructed on dry land, then transported by flotation to the terminal site.

Foundations transported by flotation

Technology used to install wind turbines by floating the gravity-based foundations simplifies offshore operations. Constructed on land then placed on water and towed, they can be installed using ordinary vessels.