Accelerating the development of solar energy

Launched in 2017, the EDF Solar Plan is a proactive Group programme promoting the development of photovoltaic energy in France. Its purpose is to make EDF the leader in photovoltaic energy in France with a market share of 30% by 2035 and one of the world's solar leaders.

Photovoltaic energy : a green energy transition process

Photovoltaic solar technology can produce clean electricity without emitting any greenhouse gases. It contributes to the development of renewable energy solutions in the French energy mix.

Solar power growth, development of unused land

EDF is responsible for the site’s development, its maintenance during the plant's operation and its reclamation, as well as managing the recycling of the panels through PV Cycle.

Solar plan, listening to local stakeholders

From development to operation and maintenance, a PV plant project is a long-term partnership with all stakeholders in the local area (local authorities, companies, associations, individuals, etc.). Through its subsidiary, EDF Renewables, EDF is committed to boosting the local economy by using local skills and by generating business.

Focus on flagship projects

Building and operating solar power plants is the business of EDF Renewables, a subsidiary of the EDF Group. Proof by example...

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More than 3,800 employees dedicated to renewable energy

Outside of hydroelectric energy, EDF's commitment to renewable energies is largely borne by EDF Renouvelables, its wholly owned subsidiary. Discover the job offers.


Producing your solar electricity

How it works ? savings, facilities, specific aid. Visit the EDF ENR website (in French).