424 innovative projects initially entered the 5th edition of the Awards. Our expert jury has now selected 12!

The 12 gems still in the running could potentially revolutionise the world of tomorrow. Drum roll... And without further delay, the finalists of the 2018 EDF Pulse Awards in each category of the competition - Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Health & Self and Smart Business - are:


CAD.42, your safety partner on worksites

After analysing data from smart construction jackets, this predictive calculation software helps to prevent hazards and optimise operational performance on-site.

Hyperlex, the smart contract control tower

Like a legal assistant, this artificial intelligence platform centralises, analyses and helps companies to easily manage all their contracts.

TwinswHeel, the future of logistics in factory 4.0

Moving like autonomous vehicles, these robust and flexible logistics droids carry heavy loads to assist workers and technicians on industrial sites.


HySiLabs, the alternative hydrogen supply

By allowing hydrogen to be transported with a liquid vehicle, HySiLabs facilitates the adoption of this low-carbon energy source in the cities of the future.

PowerUp, optimised energy storage

Created with the CEA, this technology prolongs the service life of batteries, and facilitates the monitoring thereof for an optimised and responsible management of fleets of autonomous objects.

Vitirover, the automated weeding solution

Say goodbye to chemical products such as glyphosate - a fleet of solar-powered robots could now weed all large areas of land (vineyards, photovoltaic farms, railways, etc.).


Gyrolift, inclusive mobility

By combining a gyropod and a stabilised modular robotic seating system, this mobility solution enables users to move around in complete safety, both sitting down and standing up, improving accessibility.

Helper Drone, the new beach lifeguard

Designed for rescue professionals, this drone helps locate victims and facilitates rescue procedures at sea.

LIZN, the wireless earpiece that improves hearing

Thanks to their directional amplification technology, these ultra-discreet earpieces improve users’ ability to hear conversations in noisy environments.


AirEx, smart ventilation to combat fuel poverty

Depending on temperature, humidity and measured indoor air quality, this intelligent ventilation system self-regulates its air flow for improved comfort and savings in heating, even in the oldest social housing units.

Lancey, the radiator that stores electricity

Using an integrated battery, this electric radiator stores energy during off-peak hours and returns it to the grid during peak consumption periods, thus reducing electricity bills.

Viaroom Home, AI at the service of smart homes

Turning on the lights, adjusting the heating, lowering the shutters, turning on the sprinklers, etc. - thanks to artificial intelligence, this home automation box learns from our habits to simplify everyday tasks and optimise control of the home.

The EDF Pulse Award Ceremony

On October 9th, during the EDF Group's Electric Days, The 5 prizewinners of the EDF Pulse Awards will be revealed.