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Active involvement in sport is not an option for everyone. Why not? Well, the reasons are often financial. Half of all people in France believe that the cost of getting involved in sport is a deterrent. So the founders of GoMyPartner have devised a new loyalty programme to fund active involvement in sport and reduce the affordability gap. Here’s how it works: when you buy products from a partner store, you earn loyalty euros that can then be used to pay membership fees and fund other aspects of sport such as buying equipment. All you have to do is use an app to scan your receipt.

By September 2020, the start-up had 3,500 partner shops onboard, and more than 600 children registered in sports clubs as a result of solidarity purchases. Users of the app accumulate around €250 per year on average, which they then use to fund two sports activities. But it’s not just keen sportsmen and women who win with this solution. Clubs can register new members and fund some of their activities by appealing for donations. Six towns and cities have already introduced this system, because it also contributes to the local economy.

The initiative was praised by the Grand Jury, which awarded it the EDF Pulse special Award for Sport & Innovation, a major novelty in the 2020 edition of the EDF Pulse start-up Awards.

The team

GoMyPartner was created by 3 athletes who became aware of the financial difficulties that prevent some people from accessing sport. Since Nicolas, Adam and Sofiane decided to take the plunge and launch their project, they were joined by Lara, Laurent, Manon, Marouen and others. There are now 10 people committed to this way of facilitating sport for all.

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As a young father, Adam couldn’t afford the riding lessons his daughter Louise was so keen to have. He couldn’t bear saying no also. So, Adam drew on his expertise in sponsorship to design and bring together a virtuous circle of retailers, sports organisations and sportsmen. So how does it work? It works by earning loyalty euros from purchases made in our partner stores, which are then used to fund active involvement in sport, a membership, lessons, equipment, or even projects like registering for a marathon! It’s goodbye to paying the sport, and hello to 100% free sport.


During the lockdown, we were delighted and honoured to receive the patronage and approval of the French Ministry of Sport. This accreditation will enable GoMyPartner to fund active involvement in sport for everyone in France by extending our scheme nationally.


One day, we found ourselves more than twenty metres off the ground at one of our retailers as we installed posters ten metres high! That was the very first time one of our partners had given us such an enormous and impressive opportunity to advertise. It’s one of those opportunities that will stick in our minds for a very long time!


Do you know of any retailer that funds active involvement in sport for its customers? No, you don’t because it would cost them far too much. But GoMyPartner makes it possible thanks to the strength and commitment of our extensive partner network. Going forward, we want to fund active involvement in sport for everyone in France so that we can honestly say that sport in France is free. Our ultimate goal is to encourage as many people as possible to engage actively with sport by ensuring equal access for everyone.

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