2021 Impact Report

Expert-opinions & two-person interviews

Through cross opinions and interviews, the positive and negative impacts of EDF’s activities and actions are put into perspective by the Group's stakeholders. They share out their views respect to the way EDF can help contemplating the transition required all over the world.

CLaire Pedini - Alexandre Perrat

Why does a carbon trajectory change everything?

Interview with Claire Pedini, Climate point person in EDF’s Board of Directors and Senior Vice-President, Human Resources and Digital Transformation for the Saint-Gobain Group, and Alexandre Perra, Group Senior Executive Vice-President, Innovation, Corporate Responsibility and Strategy and Climate point person in the Group’s Executive Committee.

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Theo Miloche

Acting to reduce environmental and climate impacts has become a key factor in attracting young graduates

Théo Miloche has been involved in Pour un réveil écologique (Taking action for an ecological awakening) since 2018. In January 2021, Théo Miloche agreed to be part of EDF’s Stakeholder Council and offer his views on the Group’s strategy. What action has EDF taken for the climate in the past two years? Here he shares his perspective.

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Bruno Mounier - Christophe Aubel

Why does acting for nature change everything?

Interview with Bruno Mounier, Director of the French Federation of Conservatories of Natural Areas (FCEN), and Christophe Aubel, Managing Director of the French Biodiversity Agency (OFB).

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Julia Marton-Lefèvre

Climate and biodiversity are inextricably linked

Julia Marton-Lefèvre is a member of the IPBES Bureau and former Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). She has been a member of EDF’s Stakeholder Council since February 2021. She shares her thoughts on effective action for biodiversity conservation.

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Félix Assouly - Marc Benayoun

Why do innovation and inclusion change everything?

Interview with Félix Assouly, Head of social entrepreneurs support at Ashoka France, and Marc Benayoun, Group Senior Executive Vice-President, Customers, Services and Regional Action.

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Aminata Koné

EDF plays a fundamental role in solidarity and support for the most vulnerable population groups

Aminata Koné is Vice-President of the Abbé Pierre Foundation and a member of the EDF Stakeholder Council since February 2021. She examines the underlying impacts of a multifaceted problem.

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Valerie Levkov - Rima Le Coguic

Why does access to electricity in Africa change everything?

Interview with Valerie Levkov, Senior Vice-President Africa, Middle East & East Mediterranean at EDF, and Rima Le Coguic, Director of the Africa Department at the Agence française de développement (AFD).

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Kartikey Hariyani

Public and private players, customers… Everyone benefits from automated, connected, electric and shared mobility

Kartikey Hariyani is the co-founder of Charge+Zone, which aims to create 1 million electric vehicle charging points by 2030. He discusses the contribution of electricity to e-mobility and the “greater visibility” offered to his firm as a winner of the 2020 EDF Pulse India Innovation Award.

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