Environmental, societal and human resources information

Through its Reference Document, EDF publishes environmental, HR and societal information in accordance with the provisions of Article L.225-102-1 of the French Commercial Code and the Decree of 24 April 2012 implementing the Grenelle 2 Law, which requires companies to disclose how the social and environmental consequences of their activities are taken into account and report on their commitments in favour of sustainable development.

For previous years, you will find out these information in the following documents:

  • Universal Register Document 2021 (chapter 3)
  • Universal Register Document 2020 (chapter 3)
  • Universal Register Document 2019 (chapter 3)
  • EDF Reference Document 2018 (chapter 3)
  • EDF Reference Document 2017 (chapter 3)
  • EDF Reference Document 2016 (chapter 3)
  • EDF Reference Document 2015 (chapter 3)
  • EDF Reference Document 2014 (chapter 17)
  • EDF Reference Document 2013 (chapter 6, section 6.6)
  • EDF Reference Document 2012 (chapter 6, section 6.6)

Find out those documents in the "Regulated Information" section.

GRI Content Index

EDF follows the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards and applies the GRI reporting principles. The reporting has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option.This GRI Content Index provides an overview of the material sustainability-related disclosures contained in the EDF's 2019 Universal Registration Document available at "Regulated Information" section or in the GRI content index at hand.

General and topic-specific disclosures for 2019 have been externally assured by an independent third party, KPMG. The report by one of the Statutory Auditors on the consolidated non-financial performance statement included in the Management Report is available in EDF's 2019 Universal Registration Document on page 187.

EDF group reports in response to ftse4good nuclear criteria

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