The Team EDF: a collective of committed athletes

Formed in 2009, Team EDF is made up of 17 committed sportspeople. Made up of both disabled and able-bodied athletes, five of its members are also Group employees. Three watchwords drive the athletes in this elite group: diversity, performance, and commitment.


Team EDF: a collective of champions

Led by the high-profile ambassador Alain Bernard, Team EDF is home to multi-medal winning champions that excel in sports as varied as fencing, table tennis, and boxing. Water sports – swimming, canoeing/kayaking, rowing – to which EDF provides particularly close support, are strongly represented in Team EDF, as are disabled sports that we are committed to supporting.

Whether they be able-bodied like Charlotte Bonnet or disabled athletes like Élodie Lorandi, Group employees like Thomas Baroukh and Marie-Amélie Le Fur or sponsored athletes, all members of Team EDF share two things in common:

  • An impressive track record: at the Rio 2016 and Olympic and PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic games, Team EDF athletes walked away with a total of 15 medals, including 6 golds.
  • These elite athletes are as committed as they are talented, in their sports as in their everyday lives: every year, in addition to their sporting objectives, Team EDF champions get involved with events at which the Group is a partner. Their role: to promote sport for all, have fun with the general public, and transmit messages in line with our values.

Through Team EDF, EDF transmits shared values like performance, team spirit, and expanding comfort zones.

All of the Team EDF athletes are the perfect embodiment of these values.

14 supported athletes, including 2 EDF employees

Alain Bernard

Swimming 50m, 100m free swim

Double olympic champion, olympic games silver medal, world champion, seven times Europe Champion.

Laura Georges


Champions League (2), France Champion France (6), France Cup (2).
188 selections in the French Women's Team

Arnaud Assoumani

Handisport athletics

Paralympic champion, double world champion, World record holder long jump

Denis Gargaud


Olympic champion, triple World Champion, worldcup goldmedal, double World Vice Champion, double Europe Champion

Charlotte Bonnet


Bronze medal at London olympics games(4x200m free swimming) ; bronze medal at world championships (4x200m free swimming) ; triple Europe champion (200m free swimming, 4x100m free swimming and 4x100m mixed free swimming)

Elodie Lorandi

Handisport swimming

Paralympic champion, double paralympic Vice-Champion and double bronze medal at paralympic games, double world champion, ninefold Europe champion


Jeremy Stravius


Marc-Antoine Olivier

Swimming free water

Bronze medal Olympic Games, double World Champion, bronze medal at world championships

Théo Curin

Handisport swimming

Silver medal 200m free swimming at handisport 2016 Europe championships

Benjamin Daviet

Ski, handisport biathlon

Triple paralympic champion, quadruple world champion, double silver medal at paralympic games, quadruple vice world champion

Maxime Montaggioni

Handisport snowboard

Banked slalom World Champion and snowboard cross Vice World Champion

Fabien Devide «Neo»


eFoot France national team coach, founder of team Vitality

Marie-Amélie Le Fur - EDF employee

Handisport athletics

Triple paralympic Champion, triple paralympic Vice Champion and bronze medal at paralympique games, double World Champion, sixfold Vice World Championne, World recordwoman 400 m.

Thomas Baroukh - EDF employee


Bronze medal at Olympic games, Vice World Champion, bronze medal World Cup, bronze medal Europe championships.

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