Football: EDF turns on the floodlights

“EDF has been shining the floodlights on football matches for a long time, and it was time it was made official.” By lighting football pitches and stadiums, EDF has always helped millions of football fans to play and follow the most popular sport in France. In 2014, the Group decided to shine the floodlights on this long-standing role by becoming the official partner of the Fédération Française de Football.

This new sponsoring commitment will enable EDF, present in 25 million homes, to further consolidate its links with the French people.

Behind every player and spectator, there is a projector, a camera or a TV screen. The history of French football cannot be separated from that of electricity: all over the country, EDF forms a connection between those who share a passion for the beautiful game, across all generations.

  • 29 million French people follow football via the different media
  • Football accounts for 23% of the audience for TV sport
  • 9 out of 10 Facebook sport pages are about football
  • The FFF has 2 million members in France
  • 7.5 million French people play football
  • 17,000 clubs across the country

EDF: a major partner of the Fédération Française de Football

EDF is one of the FFF’s five major partners.

For four years, the Group has been supporting the French national teams (men, women and youth), the men’s and women’s French Cup, as well as all amateur football.

So many places and opportunities to proudly display the Group’s values – values that are also an integral part of football: solidarity, commitment, team spirit and an openness to all, whatever their age, gender, origin or background, or where they are from.

This new sponsoring commitment tops off all of the initiatives that EDF has been carrying out for over 20 years in French sports.