Swimming: a natural commitment to water sports

It was inevitable that an energy company that consumes a lot of water and a sport than blends technique and performance would meet.

A longstanding sponsor of the Fédération Française de Natation, EDF promotes one of the most demanding sports, that is also one of the most popular in France, in every swimming pool around the country.

Water is at the heart of EDF’s work as an energy company. Stored behind our dams and used to cool our nuclear power stations, it makes a major contribution to our production of electricity with a low carbon footprint. What could be more natural for our Group than to back water sports in France?

An Olympic discipline par excellence, swimming also harbours values that EDF hold dear: a competitive spirit, optimised use of energy, stringency, and self-sacrifice.

Since 2005, EDF has also supported the Fédération Française de Natation (FFN) and its members throughout France.

An official partner of the French national teams in swimming, synchronised swimming, open water swimming, water polo, and diving, EDF stands fast alongside elite French swimmers.

On a regional level, the Group works to promote swimming for all by participating in a number of local events:

  • Since it was first launched, EDF has been the main partner of la Nuit de l’Eau: this public event, held by UNICEF and the FFN in more than 200 swimming pools in France, can count on the commitment of Team EDF swimmers and many EDF staff year after year
  • In 2014, EDF and the FFN launched the Génération Natation programme that aims to communicate with young people about health, safety, and hygiene, as well as providing a route into high-level competition

This general support programme, built upon discipline and expanding comfort zones, has made EDF a household name in French swimming.