Setting the standard for health and safety risk prevention: life is precious, no urgency justifies taking risks!

Our Group health and safety prevention policy

Results show that for several years now the EDF Group has made significant progress in the area of health and safety, but we still need to build on this so as to eliminate serious accidents and fatalities in our operations.  

The challenge is to keep up this momentum by reinforcing our shared awareness of major risks, and by further raising awareness of the different types of risk among all Group employees and partners.

Just as they did in 2018 and 2021, the Executive Committee members have reaffirmed this commitment by signing the EDF Group's Health and Safety Prevention policy on 8 April 2024. 

This commitment highlights the collective approach that is needed for further improvements in the prevention of serious and fatal accidents. 

This Group Health and Safety Policy applies to the Group as a whole, to our employees and to our partners, as part of a collective approach.

It covers the entire field of health and safety. It requires strong management involvement for its deployment and for the monitoring of the requirements that are set out. It specifies EDF's commitments to its partners. 

To achieve this, new initiatives are being developed in conjunction with our partner companies, medical teams, occupational health and safety specialists, and trade unions.

Employees, temporary staff, partners, managers and executives all have a role to play. For the Group, it is essential that we work together to improve the behaviours of all, so that we can continue day by day to make progress and ensure that these changes are firmly embedded in a health and safety risk prevention culture. All this constitutes the principle of shared vigilance. 


The basis of health and safety management

The Group health and safety prevention policy aims to anchor throughout the Group the foundation formed by the Group’s 10 lifesaving rules and the BEST health and safety management reference framework.

The EDF Group's 10 life-saving rules

The Group focused its commitment on the EDF Group's 10 life-saving rules, identified on
the basis of an analysis of the fatal accidents that have befallen the EDF group over the past 30 years.

Discover EDF Group's 10 life-saving rules

The BEST reference framework

The BEST (Building Excellence in Safety Together) framework sets out EDF Group’s expectations for managing health and safety. In 2023, the Group’s departments, divisions and companies updated the self-assessment of their health and safety management system with regard to this reference framework.

Download EDF Group BEST reference framework (PDF, 2,64 Mo)

Audits are carried out each year throughout the Group, in particular in the form of site visits. These visits are written up in a site visit report shared locally with the audited teams.

Making progress jointly with our partners: an essential condition

The Group entities have come up with many improvement initiatives, hand in hand with our partner companies. Since 2019, with certification renewal in 2021, the Group has worked with the MASE association  (Company Health and Safety Improvement Manual)  to encourage and help companies, particularly very small businesses (VSBs), to set up simple and effective health and safety management systems.

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A responsible employer

EDF strives to be a socially responsible and committed employer and acts as a leader in terms of health and safety.

Duty of vigilance

EDF is committed to conducting its business responsibly, based on the values of respect, solidarity and responsibility.

Raison d'être

Personal well-being and is one of the strong>key issues of raison d’être.