Health and safety are integral aspects of all our activities every day. To achieve its fundamental ambition of eradicating serious and fatal accidents among its employees and partner subcontractors, EDF has identified 10 life-saving rules. They formalise a prudent attitude when faced with the risk of a serious or fatal accident.

LIFE IS PRECIOUS, no emergency justifies taking risks!

  • I never cross a barrier, including a radiography barrier, unless I'm authorised to do so

  • I never work or drive under the inluence of alcohol or drugs

  • I use the safety equipment (belt, hard hat, etc.), I respect the speed limits, I do not handle the phone or SatNav when driving a vehicle

  • I always protect myself against falling from height and I protect others from falling objects

  • I never move under a suspended load, and I keep a safe distance from it

  • I always use the specified protective equipment when working with or near live equipment

  • I only work on equipment with isolated energy sources

  • I always keep a safe distance from moving equipment or vehicles

  • I always wear a life jacket when working near water if there is no collective protection

  • I never enter a confined space without authorisation, atmospheric control, and supervision

10 live-saving rules' poster and booklet

Guidelines for everyone at every stage of the activity

These 10 life-saving rules apply equally to employees, and partner subcontractors throughout the Group.

They are presented in a poster that you will find at all the Group's sites and detailed in a printable booklet drawn up for the stakeholders.