Nuclear power plant design and construction: unparalleled expertise

EDF has unparalleled experience in nuclear power plant design and construction. The Group’s projects include building the new-generation Flamanville EPR unit in France.

Engineering: an architect and lead contractor with a global reputation

As the operator of the world’s leading nuclear fleet, EDF plans to maintain its position as a key nuclear industry player in the current favourable move to develop new projects. Many countries such as China are currently building nuclear power plants and others, such as the UK, are planning to build them. The Group therefore has a dual role: enhancing the existing fleet and devising the solutions of the future.

6,000 employees are working to develop new projects and improve the existing fleet

A dual role in project ownership and management

The most iconic project is undoubtedly the first EPR in Flamanville, under construction on the Normandy coast. This new reactor:

  • Will be more powerful than the most recent reactors (1,650 MW compared with 1,450 MW)
  • Will consume 17% less fuel
  • Will generate 30% less high-level long-lived waste
  • Will meet even higher safety standards

In China, two EPRs are under construction in Taishan as part of a partnership with the China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN), in which EDF holds 30% of the shares. EDF Energy would like to build four EPRs in the UK.

Four EPRs are currently under construction around the world: 1 in France, 1 in Finland, 2 in China

Currently, up to 200 different trades are working simultaneously on these projects, from design to commissioning. EDF brings its project management, technical, training and team management capabilities to these projects.