Across the entire value chain

Solar production, an expert and multidisciplinary approach

As a wholly owned EDF subsidiary and a leading player in solar energy in France and internationally, EDF Renewables has a global perspective of the technical, environmental, legal and financial challenges of each project. Acting as the project owner, it draws on the expertise of internal specialists in each field (mapping, environment, connection, etc.).

Pirapora in Brazil

The most powerful solar power plant

The Pirapora complex in Brazil is the most powerful solar power station in Latin America. This flagship EDF Renewables project, an example of the expertise developed by EDF's international subsidiary, will provide 420,000 Brazilian households with electricity.

Pirapora solar power plant
Our commitments

Photovoltaic recycling and waste

Today's technology enables 95% of solar panels to be recycled. For each solar farm that is built, EDF Renewables provides funds for the recycling of solar panels, carried out in France by PV Cycle.

Solar power station and biodiversity

Conducting an environmental impact study serves to define the measures necessary to preserve the biodiversity of the sites, such as the protection of certain sensitive species.